Fraserburgh Rugby Club

Fraserburgh Rugby Club Membership
The club operates a membership subscription by Paypal

Note:  Please note that membership is on an annual basis and the Paypal membership single payment is payment in full for 12 months.  

(Click on the Pay Now with PAYPAL button to make payment)

The annual subscription for the 2016/17 Season is as follows:

Membership Type                                      Price
    Player Membership                                         £50      

  Student / Apprentince Membership              £25   

          Non-Playing / Associate Membership          £25              

Subscriptions are to be paid in full prior no later than the 24th September 2016

The subscription outlined above is all the payment that is required to be a member of Fraserburgh Rugby Club. 

Please note that “only Players, Student / Apprentices and Non-Playing Members who have only joined the club this season are exempt from paying membership fees.  

Membership Forms can be downloaded from below. 

Those on a low income should contact Dean Underwood in complete confidence, to discuss their situation.

If you have any queries or comments about Membership or Subscriptions, please contact Dean Underwood on 07584172420 or email

Player Insurance
Compulsory Insurance Cover  is provided by Scottish Rugby and covers
Accidental Death and Total Disability
Scottish Rugby provides Accidental Death and Total Disability Cover for players whilst participating in rugby as a member of Fraserburgh Rugby Club. The maximum principal benefits are:

Important Notes
For all injuries resulting in a traumatic brain or catastrophic spinal cord injury, the level of benefit paid will be assessed using the Glasgow Outcome Scale or the ASIA Impairment Scale. The maximum benefit payable is £500,000.
For Season 2016/17 Scottish Rugby has agreed to pay the whole of the premium due in respect of the Compulsory Insurance Cover.

In some cases it might be prudent to take up additional insurance cover for your own personal use.